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Book Review – The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage by Stormie Omartian


One of the books that left an impact on me as a wife is this bestseller by Stormie Omartian, The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage. Let me warn you, though. This book is not for those who think love and marriage is a fairy tale. This book talks about some of the greatest problems that married couples face and how you can use biblical wisdom and prayer to strengthen you, improve your situation and ultimately help your marriage survive.

Each chapter deals with a specific marriage concern, from common arguments such as anger management, finances or the children to the more urgent issues like divorce, addiction and infidelity. The author gives you a look at possible factors behind each issue, what you should do as a Christian and includes bible verses and prayers at the end of each chapter.

Book Description:

It’s hard to change yourself. And you can’t change your spouse. By His power working through your prayers, God can change you both. When you invite the Lord to rule in your marriage. He will transform both of your lives in ways you never thought possible. Whether you are a husband or a wife, if you want your marriage to be strong and protected, this book is for you. Bestselling author Stormie Omartian addresses the deeper issues of marriage, such as:

* communication breakdown, struggles with finances, and the challenge of children
* misplaced priorities, anger, unforgiveness, and finding sexual fulfillment
* infidelity, depression, negative emotions, and various destructive behaviours

No stranger to struggles in more than three decades of marriage, Stormie looks at these topics and more in the hopeful manner millions of readers have come to trust. Included are powerful resources, such as supportive Bible verses and many personal prayers for you to pray for yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. Your marriage can last a lifetime. Seek God in prayer, pray specifically as He leads you and watch a miracle take place in your heart, your spouse, and your relationship. The book was formerly titled Praying Through The Deeper Issues Of Marriage.

My Review

What I like about this book:

– The book discussed the different emotions you experience when facing each crisis.

For women especially, we like to talk about and understand our feelings better whenever we go through a problematic time in our life. This is one way that helps us cope and the book does a great job of acknowledging the various emotions involved.

– There were real stories from real people.

Although their names were changed to protect their identities, the life stories of these people used as examples were inspiring. Most couples and wives could easily relate to their struggles in these stories and I think that makes this book more appealing. It’s motivating to know that you have the same difficulties with other couples and it’s an eye-opener if you can focus on what you can learn from them.

– Each chapter gave a list of bible verses that could be applied to specific issues.

The foundation of the entire book is, of course, the wisdom of the Word of God. While well-meaning advice from other people and counselors can also help you overcome challenges in your marriage, the best action plans are those that honor the Lord. You can use the bible verses outlined as part of your personal prayers, or you can use them when you need something to guide your actions or to strengthen your resolve.

– My favorite part of this book, and which I still refer to from time to time, is the prayers.
These prayers are ideal for those times when we feel too overwhelmed or too tired to think. We feel the need to pray but we cannot express our thoughts and emotions into prayer. Every chapter offers three prayers. If you’re currently in that particular crisis, there’s a prayer for yourself, another one for your spouse and best of all, even if you’re not in that situation, there’s a prayer to ask God for protection against that kind of problem.

What I didn’t like about the book:

– I had just a few apprehensions on this book.

Some of the explanations sounded subjective to me and were based more on perceptions and experience. I would have liked the book to also present facts and some research-based statements. I would also have preferred more solid action plans in each chapter. However, I do understand that the main focus of the book was how to process your experience internally and how to pray through your challenges.

If you’re looking for a book that discusses the Christian viewpoint on the greatest challenges and predicaments in marriage, this is the book for you. If your marriage is in a crisis right now, and you’re unsure of how to pray, this book can guide you and offer you hope for your future and your marriage. “The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage” gets 4 out of 5 stars from me; I recommend it for all wives.


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