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Creative Fun For Your Little One – Bubi Blocks

If you’re looking for a great activity for your young kids while your family is at the mall, Bubi Blocks is one place I recommend. Our daughter just loves it there and makes a beeline for the place whenever she sees it, excitedly tugging us along with her. It’s an enclosed area with mounds of blocks for kids to play with and in this branch I’m reviewing in SM Consolacion, they also have sandboxes with kinetic clay, also known as magic sand.

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Their fees are P85 for 30 minutes and P125 for unlimited playtime. If an adult will accompany the child, especially for younger children, the fee is P25 per guardian.

bb 3


Bubi Blocks can now be found in many malls and this particular branch I’m talking about is located in SM Consolacion. There’s enough space for the kids to move around. The walls around the area are waist high so there’s no danger of younger children getting out.

My husband’s main concern, however, with this place and all other children’s play establishments is how the toys are cleaned and the place kept sanitized. Although we know that the staff do sweep the floors regularly and also mop them at night, it would be good if the toys themselves are cleaned from time to time.


I can’t say much here, since they don’t play any music, which is okay by me.


I like that I can leave my child here with a guardian while I buy groceries, knowing that she’s safe and playing with something that encourages creativity. There are two activities that children can be entertained with. They can build with blocks on one side of the area or they can go over to the other side and play with sand boxes full of kinetic clay or magic sand. If you’ve never heard of magic sand before, it feels just like fine sand but it can be molded and shaped just like clay. I can attest that most children love these toys and would happily play for hours if you let them. A nice touch is that the children can also choose to wear yellow construction hats as well as aprons in the sand area. They only fit children though; there are none for adults.

bb 5

bb 2


The branch in SM Consolacion didn’t have too many children so it wasn’t crowded, even with a few guardians. Just like any play center though, watch out for children quarreling over the blocks or the sand boxes.


Their customer service was satisfactory. The staff members are pleasant and friendly. In addition, two staff members are on duty to watch over the kids and ensure the kids don’t leave without their guardians. When the kids need to use the bathroom and their guardian is not present, one of the staff accompanies the child. By the way, as far as I’ve seen, they only have female staff. The one major downside I’ve noticed is that some of them don’t really know how to manage kids’ behavior like when there are occasional squabbles over the toys.


Stimulate your child’s creativity by taking them to a play center like Bubi Blocks. If you’d rather they not tag along with you at the supermarket or when you need to buy something because they get bored, this is one of the best places for them to be. Bubi Blocks gets 4 out of 5 stars from us.

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