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Meat Madness for your Man: Zark’s Burgers Review

Looking for a restaurant that my husband would really like can be challenging at times. Most places are okay, but when I want to go somewhere special for him, it’s hard to make a choice. But I’ve finally found a winner in Zark’s Burgers. Men love a delicious burger and they absolutely go crazy over a delicious AND huge burger. Here’s my review of Zark’s Burgers located at SM City Cebu.

zb 3


Thankfully, the background music was not bad, mostly pop and definitely upbeat.


I liked the feel of the place. It had a casual theme and design, and I loved that they didn’t skimp on the spacing. There was enough space between tables so you could move around freely; when you have a child with you, this is very convenient. I also appreciated that the burgers were served on plates. Though we are supposed to eat the burgers by hand, being able to slice it first on a plate makes it less messy, especially for children.

zb 2


The taste was awesome! My husband, daughter and I all loved it. The cheese they used on their burgers was excellent. A favorite of ours was also the barbecue rum sauce that came with one of the burgers. It was so good that we dipped our fries in it, too.
The serving portions were highly satisfactory. Their mid-sized burgers were still filling aside from being delicious. But their bestsellers were enormous burgers with massive slabs of meat. One side of the restaurant was dedicated to their wall of fame for those customers who could finish the extra large burgers within a set time limit.

zb 1

Price (as of March 2017)

You can choose from an ala carte burger which is mid-sized or their set meals which consisted of the bigger sized burgers with fries and a drink. We ordered the three-cheese burger which cost around P140 and one of their set meals with the deep fried bacon wrapped burger priced at P270. It was all worth it and considering the delicious taste and the hefty portion, I would say the price is mid-range, a great bargain!


The crowd was a mix of friends and families. Though it will do just as well for a date or for a small family, it’s perfect for a group of friends and it will surely be a hit for families with big appetites.


Since this Zark’s Burgers branch is located inside SM City Cebu, it’s open during mall hours.  They closed at around 9:00PM.


The service to me was impressive. The water was very knowledgeable about their menu. He was also all smiles as he spoke with us. I especially loved how he helped our little daughter with her seat. Little details like this can easily score points with customers who are mothers. The food came on time as well and any requests we had were attended to promptly.


This has got to be one of the best burgers we’ve ever eaten, and the place is comfortable enough to encourage return visits. We’re giving 4.5 out of 5 stars to Zark’s Burgers!


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