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Dee The Bee Children’s Book Series – Book Review

There are many children’s books to choose from. All of them are fun and engaging. However, if you’re looking for a book that imparts values to your children, then you’ll have to narrow down your search. Not all children’s books talk about developing character. One book that does, though, is the Dee the Bee series from Joyce Piap-Go. Dee the Bee is a little boy bee and the book uses his character to talk about the things kids should and should not do at home or at school, and how to interact with his family and friends.

We bought one book, initially because I was looking for a book about manners and their Bee Polite book was perfect. I was ecstatic to see that our daughter loved the book so we continued buying the other books in the series.

deebee 2


Each Dee The Bee book costs only PHP 80.


Where to buy

National Bookstore
Right Reads Bookstore – J Centre Mall

Best for:

Reading to children at least 2 years of age or letting children between four to seven years old read by themselves.


These are the books we currently have.

Bee Safe – How to stay safe, avoid accidents and keep away from danger anywhere you go

deebee 3
Bee Polite – Learn about good manners and the right attitude by practicing what to do and what to say

deebee 4

Bee Healthy – Reminds kids of habits and hygiene practices that keep them healthy, energetic and strong

deebee 6

Bee Happy – Coping with various situations such as disappointment and fear and how you can still choose joy no matter what the circumstance

deebee 5

What I liked:

–  They’re in poem form.

Kids love poems. Because of the rhythm and rhyme, it’s easier for them to remember the sentences. Our daughter has practically memorized the books.

–  Each book offers valuable lessons.

From safety to health and good manners, the books teach children about how to behave. You can never start too young when it comes to introducing your children to habits that develop their character.

–  The words used are easy for kids to read.

The writer uses simple words that young kids can read on their own and understand easily. You don’t have to explain long words or abstract concepts.

–  The illustrations are entertaining and easy to grasp.

Pictures are important in a book when you’re reading to young kids. It helps them visualize and make the connection between the image and the message of the story. In these books, the images were fun and colorful but also supported the story well.

deebee 1

–  Kids can connect with the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the main character, Dee the Bee.

The main character is someone the children can view as a friend or classmate but at the same time is someone they can learn from or emulate. In each page, Dee the Bee clearly outlines what’s the right thing to do and what not to do.

– The characters are likable.

The supporting characters in the stories are the friends and family members of Dee the Bee. Each of them is also represented well according to the writer’s message. For example, the mother is caring, the father is kind, and the sister is sweet.

–  All the books are priced affordably.

I usually prefer to buy books secondhand but these books cost less than P100 so we don’t mind buying them brand new. The small size of the books also makes them a favorite for us to carry when we’re traveling.

– Each book touches on the child’s relationship with God.

One of the most important reasons why these books are dear to us is because each story also touches lightly on God, as our creator and heavenly Father. To quote from one of the books (and our daughter has even memorized these lines): “Big or small, short or tall, always remember, God loves us all.”

What I didn’t like:

– The pages tear easily or pull apart after some time.

If you’ve got an excitable, energetic child, just make to watch over them when they’re reading as they might inadvertently tear the pages. We preserved our books using scotch tape.

– There are a couple of grammar lapses but nothing too conspicuous.

I found one or two lapses in grammar or possibly typographical errors but they’re probably not something most people would notice. However, it doesn’t change the book’s message or appeal in any way.


All in all, I would say these books are a must-buy for any parent with a preschooler or with young kids.  I hope they continue printing more for this series.  They’re an excellent bargain and we’ll certainly keep collecting them.


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