Dining Out

A Classic Snacktime Favorite: Dunkin’ Donuts

You might be wondering why I chose to do a review on Dunkin Donuts of all places. The truth is I do recommend them because it’s our first go-to place when we’re looking to eat snacks at the mall, our second favorite being Family Mart.

It can be hard to find a good place where you’d like a snack for every one in your family, coffee for the grownups and which can be considered family and kid-friendly. Dunkin Donuts meets all of these requirements for us and here’s why.



I would say the place’s background music is pretty good. Some people may not mind overmuch what they listen to but I’m particular when it comes to a restaurant’s music because my daughter tends to repeat what she hears, even from songs.


Ambiance is good as well. It’s relaxing and you can sip your drink and eat your snack unhurriedly.



Taste is great! There’s something for everyone. Donuts and muffins for the sweet tooth and bunwich for those who prefer something savory. Coffee is pretty decent as well and this is a must for me because my husband is a bit picky when it comes to his coffee and he and I can’t go an afternoon without a cup.


Price (as of March, 2017)

Regarding price, Dunkin Donuts undeniably gets a good score. Their products are priced most affordably, yet are still delicious and of good quality, especially compared to the newer and classier donuts. A single classic donut is worth P20 while a premium donut is at least P35 and the muffin is P50. They also offer value meals, where you get a donut with a cup of coffee. Recently, they had a promo wherein you could either win a free donut, a car-shaped pen, or a car-shaped phone (not sure if it works) when you buy this special coffee cup. It was an excellent deal for us, our daughter eats the donuts and plays with the pens (She has two).


I noticed that their crowd is composed mostly of small families, families with kids, couples, a small group of friends or singles who want to enjoy some peace and quiet with their snack or drink.



This review is for their branch in Ayala so they’re open mall hours. Although we’ve been to their SM Consolacion, SM North and SM Seaside branch as well. The one in SM North is my least favorite. It tends to be noisy and sometimes their air-conditioner doesn’t seem to work.


Service is okay, not really brilliant but they’re friendly, helpful, usually prompt and you can’t find any fault with the crew. The place is generally clean, too.


I’d give Dunkin Donuts 4 stars; it’s a classic favorite!



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